Donkey Cars, Fresh Fish and Old Buildings in Büyükada, Prince’s Islands

When visiting Istanbul, one must simply head for a day trip to the lovely, the exquisite,  Büyükada island – meaning ‘Big Island’. There are many islands which form part of the Prince’s Islands, yet for me and many others who have visited Büyükada, it is simply the best.

Leave from Kabatas port and pay next to nothing (I think about 5 Lira), as you set sail on a local ferry for a mere hour and a half to this glorious island without any cars. Here you’ll only find charming donkey cars. Many of them offering “round-the-island” sightseeing tours, a bumpy but incredibly scenic drive. The island is lined with cute beachfront eateries, so make sure to get yourself the perfect spot right by the ocean as you watch seagulls beg for food.

Most restaurants serve up the freshest fish, yet it can be rather expensive. They bring platters of fresh fish to your table to choose from, quite a unique experience. After guzzling down some Efes beer, take a stroll or inexpensive bike ride around the tiny, but dense village. The charm drips from every corner, as you shop at street vendors and chat (or try to) with the non-English speaking locals.


Also enjoy some historical sights such as the Ayia Yorgi Church and Monastery, dating back to the sixth century as well as the glorious Ayios Dimitrios Church.

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In Istanbul, life is beautiful

If you’ve ever visited Istanbul you’d know that it is undoubtedly one of the world’s most colourful and vibrant places. The streets, the people, the devotion of the religious, the food and everything else. This is what makes life beautiful.

Photos by David du Toit