I dressed like it was 1989.

To me, Brooke Shields WAS the late eighties. From robust curls, larger than life untamed brows, overly constricting outfits and gold hoops, she inspired me to do a little experiment. Here it is, all captured in lift and bathroom selfies.

The scrunchie

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with Brooke’s curls or lustrous thick hair, nor do I have the patience to create said look using various styling tools, mousse products or treatments – so I opted for the Sarah Jessica Parker in the late eighties scrunchie look.

You know the one. So good.

Instead of an actual scrunchie I opted for a vintage red and pink scarf recently purchased at Reminiscene in Melville. Sweeping my hair up into a high bun or small bun with half of my hair hanging loose, this look is eighties-meets-Mediterranean.

I wore a white sportswear-inspired top from Topshop, Levi’s mom jeans and some brown vintage court shoes with it for a look that juxtaposes casual and semi-formal.

The power suit

Nothing was or ever will be as chic as this suit. Add some courts and there you go. For 2017, I would say add some Nike Cortez instead.

I paired a vintage red jacket with big shoulders and a plaid jacket with a black denim skirt from Topshop for two occasions, both reminded me of those worn so perfectly by Diana and Brooke back in the day.

Skirt suits, polka dots and scrunchies go together like avo and toast.

The tracksuit

Brooke could slay any look and back in 1989 she wowed us with this mustard two piece.

I wore a blushing pink version of this from Vintage Lover to Daisies. As the top is so loose-fitting, pair it with something a bit more streamlined and chunky shoes.

Statement earrings

Iman loved herself a big bold earlobe friend. So do I.

I tried to reimagine her look here for a night out by pairing a black velvet long-sleeve top from Mango with some statement ear candy from Lichen and Leaf.

But there is perhaps no greater gift the late ’80s gave us than gold hoops. Big and bad or small and sweet, they are all good and go with any style.

My pair is from H&M, and I love it.


I used to detest the look of a court shoe. Yet updated versions like block heels a la Chanel are definitely my current favourite – especially as I walk like a horse when in high heels.

Also, of course, again, Nike Cortez.

Images: Getty and Marisa Crous


I dressed like a Paris Fashion Week street style influencer – but on a budget

A lot of street style looks actually come from high street stores like Zara, Topshop and H&M.

But of course we see most of our favourite Insta-stars and celebs wearing Gucci, Givenchy and Chanel as they strut around outside the Fashion Week venues waiting to be snapped by all-too-eager photographers.

Image: Giphy

Don’t be fooled. A lot of these influencers are gifted these garments by designers who use them as a kind of IRL advertisement. Easy fix? Do as I did and copy the looks at your favourite shopping stops.


Suits, whether patterned or plain, we are SO on board.

My version

I like a bit of mustard with everything, which is why I was particularly keen on copying this ‘colour-of-the-moment’ look.

Zara: pants R879, blazer R1499.

Oversized jumper and skirt combo

This is perhaps not the most flattering of silhouettes, yet it’s super comfy. Add a pair of ugly sneakers and off you go.

My version

I just love the pairing of baby blue with copper or rust. This slip dress worn underneath an oversized knit called out to me!

H&M: dress R300 on sale, jumper R429.

Oversized jackets

We’re seeing a lot of these worn with tracks, pleather pants and jeans. I especially love the vintage-looking ‘grandpa’s old coat vibe’ I get from this…

My version #1

I need. This Zara jacket, R1099 is maybe the closest one can get to feeling home, when homesick.


Or if you’re keen to do the grown-up Teddy bear thing, go for this H&M number, R899.

French girl chic

Jeanne Damas (pictured below) is of course THE It girl of Paris and she wears navy jerseys. This is a staple of French style and goes with EVERYTHING.

My version

I loved this one from Trenery’s new GUILD collection, R999, with three-quarter sleeves, which is what I’m getting for this transitional period between seasons.

Images: Getty and Marisa Crous