How to make ‘being sick in bed’ much more tolerable (almost glamorous, even)

So, I’ve recently fallen ill. Poorly. And nothing makes me feel more useless.

I feel sticky, snotty, and am coughing like a 100-year-old smoker.

On the upside, I conquered more than I imagined I would:

  1. I ate Tom Yum Goong* (prawns, for those less travelled**) soup. Exclusively. The ginger, lemongrass and other spices in there are basically the equivalent of meth. But in reverse. This might actually strengthen teeth.


**I actually didn’t learn that Goong meant prawns in Thailand, but in the Thai establishment I waitressed in when living in London.

This kicked my go-to sick-in-bed chicken/veg broth and a stukkie toast’s ass.

2. Being oiled up is very attractive.

Aside from the mental picture you now might have (either oily body builders or oily girls bout to wrestle), adding oil makes dry skin very happy. When sick, my whole body is dryer than Weetbix sans milk.

Enter this…

I put them on their own little pedestal, a scrunchie.

These are travel sized Eco Diva products. I need more.

It made me glow in a healthy way. (promise that’s not sweat)

Black Betty necklace. MRPxPRoject tee.

No highlighter and no filter (the atmosphere in my flat is just pink).

3. And last but not least. I wore Zara, stomper, grunge boots when popping out to the pharmacy. In my mind, the better I look, the better I feel.


Tomorrow I might feel even worse. So, I will dress like candyfloss.

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