A bulimia-themed fashion campaign?

Seriously, what were they thinking? An Italian jewellery brand called Schield recently released its gasp-worthy Fall 2014 campaign photos. Called ‘Disorder Sisters’, the fashion spread shows two models encouraging each other to purge as they shove their fingers down each other’s throats. Dark and disturbing, indeed, this campaign was bound to cause upset. Following mass complaints, the company released a statement saying:

‘It’s a disturbing story that tells a dark report between two sisters (sic). We wanted to create in this pictures the whole spirit of this mystical and dark collection (sic).’

Glamorising eating disorders such as bulimia is ultimately an act of pro-ana and thinspiration – promoting a super-skinny, bulimic or underweight way of being.

This is just never okay – it has a deeply negative impact on impressionable young women, especially teenagers and little girls who’re already having to face growing up in a vain and superficial world.

What are your thoughts?



Photo: Diego Diaz Marin/Schield



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