Cape Town is of course jam-packed with amazing things to do, places to see and restaurant & bars to visit. One place you simply shouldn’t miss when visiting the Mother City is the Eastern Food Bazaar. One entrance is situated on Darling Street and the other on Longmarket Street. This is a 100% Halaal establishment, which has its fair amount of daily customers. This is truly where the locals eat.

In this ‘food alley’ you’ll find delicious Eastern meals, from Turkish and Chinese to Indian food. And the best part? It is fantastic value for money. You get massive, tasty meals, which taste authentically eastern, for between R25 to R45.

The main thing people come for are the curries. Which are all incredibly flavourful. From creamy Butter Chicken to delicious Lamb Rojan Josh, you definitely won’t go home hungry. The dish that I eat regularly is the above, the creamy Butter Chicken. That is R35 for a curry, a huge pile of rice, slaw and lentils. They definitely don’t skimp on anything in this place.

Another delicious local dish, for those with an above average appetite, is the Bunny Chow. That is a quarter loaf op bread filled with curry. This is a messy one, but getting your hands dirty is the only way.

A great compliment to your meal, the soft and fluffy naan breads. Drizzled with ghee – clarified butter that originated in South Asia  – this is a must with curry. For only a meek R6, you have no excuse not to order one.

Open 7 days a week, this is a food lovers mecca one simply must visit when in Cape Town.

For more info contact:

phone : +27 21 461 2458
email :

To see their fantastic menu, go here.

Photos by Marisa Crous


About Boracay

Never heard of the island of Boracay? Well, this is a place you definitely want to visit. Boracay is a small island of the Philippines, located approximately 315 km south of Manila. It is a destination frequented by many young South Africans teaching English in both South Korea and Taiwan. Try to visit during the Amihan season (varies year to year but usually between September and May), as the climate during this time is characterized as having moderate temperatures and almost no rainfall.

Where to stay

If you are looking for budget accommodating that’s still very nice, go for Frendz Resort. It is walking distance from the beaches and shops like liquor stores, the outside mall, pharmacies, etc.  Here you can also be sure to meet lots of cool world travellers. They also give you a free beer on arrival, which is pretty damn cool.

What to do

Try to take a boat ride on the native sailboat, called a Paraw. There are hundreds of companies who trawl the beaches of Boracay, trying to convince you take a trip with them. Feel free to negotiate with them, as they will often agree. Boat rides take about and hour or so and are best at sunset.

Also try the motorized tricycles, which is the best way to get around on the island.

Make sure you visit Crystal Cove Cave (above). There are many companies who try to sell you a day trip here. Don’t fall for it, since this doesn’t actually take an entire day. You can easily just go there on your own for a few hours.

At night

For those seeking nightlife, Paraw (named after the sailboat) represents the ultimate in island partying. Right on the beach you’ll find nice seats where you can experience the vibe from under the stars. The club is inside, so this is where you really want to be. They serve the most delicious cocktails – try the Mojitos.


On White Beach you’ll find many many options for food and drink. Buffets are very big on the island, and seafood aplenty. You can also visit the local fish market, they have amazing fresh fish – some restaurants will even offer to cook it up for you.

To have a fully rounded Boracay beach holiday, you’ll need at least seven days.

Photos by Jacques Labuscagne