Mervyn Gers Ceramics Studio Pop Up


We are in love with the new pop-up studio set in the heart of Cape Town – 99 Loop Street, corner Loop and Church Street.

Mervyn Gers, a renowned Cape Town potter says: ‘I am constantly getting requests from people to view my work and, although my studio is only 10 minutes from town, I decided it would be more convenient for everybody to have a shop in the city centre. It couldn’t be more perfect as this area is known for its art and antique shops. The building itself is over 100 years old and very beautiful, both inside and out.’

The interior is the perfect gallery space, high ceilings and white walls – Greek-inspired and clean cut, allowing the art to sing on its own. The studio is situated right in the middle of the Mother City’s ‘Art Walk’. On the first Thursday of every month, Cape Town’s central city comes alive as dozens of art galleries and stores are open until 9pm.



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