Study finds ‘sexy’ social media pictures make women less attractive!

Elizabeth Daniels, a psychologist at Oregon State University, now estimates that posting sexy ‘selfies’ or pictures of yourself on social media actually makes you less desirable/attractive/likeable to your peers – specifically female ones.

The study, published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture, asked 58 girls aged 13 to 18 and 60 young adult women aged 17 to 25 to answer questions related to a young woman’s Facebook page.

The groups were split in two and half got a profile with a very sexy picture; the other half got the same profile of the same woman, but with a more conservative profile pic.

Participants across the board gave the more conservative/less sexy pic higher marks in physical attractiveness, social attractiveness and competence.

Something we already knew? A form of slut-shaming?

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