We found the one magazine that’ll still work with Terry Richardson

We found the one magazine that’ll still work with Terry Richardson

In the wake of many accusations of sexual harassment levelled at photographer Terry Richardson by models he’s shot, clothing companies and magazines have slowly been distancing themselves from the controversial photographer.

However, Playboy is still on his side – it’s just tapped him to shoot a 100-page spread in an upcoming issue. 100 pages?! That’s basically the entire issue, in our estimate. Guess he had to go somewhere where the models are contractually obliged to get their kit off.

In fact, Terry Richardson and Playboy make perfect partners, don’t you think?

Kate Moss’s little sis models for Calvin Klein

Déjà-vu anyone? Calvin Klein Jeans has reworked nine of its most iconic Nineties denim styles for a fresh new collaboration with Mytheresa.com. ‘The Reissue Project’ launches this week and features Kate Moss’s little sis, 16-year-old Lottie Moss, in a series of portraits shot by Michael Avedon. we spotted the series of ads, which have an uncanny resemblance to those retro Calvin ads with Mark Wahlberg from 1992, on Twitter: 

Via Twitter

Image via Rex Features

Nadine Gordimer dies at 90

Nobel prize-winning SA novelist Nadine Gordimer has died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 90.

‘She … will be lovingly remembered by her family, friends and literary colleagues. Her son Hugo and daughter Oriane and her caring helpers were with her,’ a statement read.

‘She cared most deeply about South Africa, its culture, its people, and its ongoing struggle to realise its new democracy. Her proudest days were not only when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, but also when she testified at the Delmas Trial in 1986, to contribute to saving the lives of 22 ANC members, all of them accused of treason.’ Her talent will be greatly missed in the South African literary space.

In other SA news… Oscar Pistorius went out this weekend and got into a brawl.

Going out for a Saturday night drink in a VIP club in Sandton with his cousin might not have been the best idea Pistorius has ever had. A man in the club ‘aggressively engaged’ the athlete about his ongoing murder trial, allegedly shoving him.

Pistorius’s spokeswoman confirmed that ‘an altercation’ took place.

The club patron, Jared Mortimer, however, claimed that Pistorius acted ‘drunk and very aggressive’. 

Germany? No, North Korea actually won the World Cup, you see

According to a recently released, heavily edited YouTube video, North Korea was in line to win the FIFA World Cup, this time against Portugal.

A spoof video, uploaded on the Korean News channel, shows a North Korean anchor reading the news, saying that the national football team had made it to the World Cup final – playing a Portuguese team led by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Playing in the ‘semi-final’, North Korea is seen playing in a half-empty stadium as Brazil fans go crazy at one of the North Korean goals; and Kim Jong-un appearing on a big screen in front of a crowd. Watch this hilarious video here:

Blake Lively’s lifestyle brand to be called ‘Preserve’

Following in the footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow who created her online lifestyle brand, Goop, Blake Lively is starting her own brand, dubbing it Preserve, and focusing on artisans and hand-made, niche products. All items will be available on the site. It will focus on Blake’s story-telling, using video, as she motivates for a one-of-a-kind, curated life. The site will apparently go live next week sometime. Excited!

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