The streets of Hong Kong

I recently spent about 24 hours in Hong Kong on my way back from China. There’s only one word. Bustling.

Here are some lively pictures from the centre of the city, Langham Place mall (a shopper’s delight until 11 o’clock at night), Ladies Market where you can buy cheap Chanel, Celine and Gucci products or perhaps a crazy cover for your iPhone (I did), the taxis, the colours and of course the awesome people (who all dress REALLY well).

20130929_161851 20130929_161726 20130929_161709 20130929_161648 20130929_151408 20130929_151402 20130929_145024 20130929_145012 20130929_145008 20130929_141141 20130929_135820 20130929_135028 20130929_135011 20130929_135001 20130929_134948 20130929_134851 20130929_134807 20130929_134717 20130929_133134 20130929_133117 20130929_133021 20130929_132943 20130929_132933 20130929_132924 20130929_132913 20130929_132906 20130929_131909


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