Why does the ‘perfect’ woman look so … imperfect?

We live in a perfection-seeking age, where fake breasts are preferred over real ones and plumped-up lips to au naturel (usually much thinner) versions. So I have to ask: what do we consider to be beautiful today?

E! Online recently conducted a poll asking their audience which female celebrity body parts they thought were the most beautiful/coveted. The team then ‘glued’ these parts together to create a super-woman of sorts. However, the ‘perfect female specimen’ turned out to look more like Franken-Barbie than Hollywood-Barbie.

The winners were: best hair – Carrie Underwood, best stomach – Rihanna’s abs (plus underboob tattoo), while Sofia Vergara’s boobs and Blake Lively’s stunning toned pins won their respective categories.

What do you think of this glued-together super-blah of a woman? 


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