Panormos Beach, Mykonos

istanbul en griekeland 692

On a recent trip to Mykonos island, I took the advice from a Greek woman I met in Athens, and visited the secluded beach of Panormos. Situated on the north side of the island – quite far from where we were staying at the old port – my fiancé and I got up around 8am, had breakfast of cheese, bread and boiled eggs and hopped on our scooters. Off we went!

istanbul en griekeland 684

Most of Mykonos’ more commercial beaches have sunbathing chairs for rent, usually about 5 euros. On Panormos beach you’ll find an even more comfortable option: extra large beach cushions for free! The only condition is that you buy a drink or order some food from the fabulous adjacent restaurant – something we were planning to do anyway.

istanbul en griekeland 690

We had beers and frappes as we took in the most spectacular scenery and had a dip in the chilly, yet super refreshing ocean. A perfect day, and a must-visit spot!

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