5 things to read today

Was Kanye actually a groomzilla?

A lavish wedding in Florence for Kim K and Kanye seemed to go all too smoothly. Was it Kim’s special touch or perhaps her manager mom who kept everything running perfectly? Neither, it seems.

It has now come to light that Kanye, an infamous perfectionist, was the man behind every tiny detail of the couple’s wedding day. A new photo posted by Khloé Kardashian on Twitter shows the groom addressing the family and bridesmaids, while clearly giving instructions and gesticulating while the family of women listen intently.

Who would have thought?


Diane Kruger to design bag for Jason Wu

Actress and Chanel muse Diane Kruger is apparently going to collaborate on a new signature handbag with acclaimed designer Jason Wu. The bag will be aptly dubbed ‘Diane’. You’ll thus be able to get your hands on a little of her chic sense of style, but at a price, we’re sure. Kruger is also busy shooting her latest Chanel ad campaign right now in Los Angeles with famed photographer Peter Lindbergh.


Petition asks Beyoncé to comb her daughter’s hair

Change.org has launched a petition for singer Beyoncé to comb her daughter’s hair. Ridiculous, we know. Recent pictures show Beyoncé and Jay Z returning from a weekend in the beautiful Hamptons in New York, with baby Blue Ivy rocking that ‘out of bed’ look. The world took notice and found this very distressing for some reason. Let babies just be babies, we say…

The petition, now with 85 signatures, calls upon the couple to take better care of their child’s hair. 


Gold-smugglers caught

A multi-billion-rand gold-smuggling syndicate was busted in Johannesburg yesterday. Miners (supposedly only earning R11 000 a month) were living all-too-extravagant lifestyles on big farms and in luxury homes – more than a little suspicious. Hawks officers arrested 18 of them in a raid on the Sibanye Gold Mine in Carletonville after a six-month clandestine police operation. The miners, believed to have stolen about R2-billion worth of gold in the past year, are believed to have links elsewhere in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

The men used specially designed bags fitted inside their overalls to steal the gold.


Mila Kunis talks being pregnant

Most online media sites are reporting on Mila Kunis’s apparent ‘rant’ on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Tuesday night. We just call it ‘telling it like it is’.

The host remarked to Kunis that he and his wife are also pregnant and are having a baby. A heavily pregnant Kunis responded with: ‘Oh, you’re both having a baby. You and your wife are pregnant?’

Pulling out her microphone, she stepped off the stage and started asked men to stop saying that ‘they are also pregnant’. Watch it below and tell us what you think of her candid speech.

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