The ‘we just had sex’ selfie


Post-coital selfies are here. Well, that’s what Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would call it. The selfie will, it seems, always be with us. Yet, the kinds of selfies people are sharing lately concerns me deeply! From funeral selfies to posing-with-the-homeless selfies, people have just gone too far.

Now, the latest trend: the after-sex selfie. That’s two people taking a picture of themselves after they’ve just had sex. For the world to see. Sweaty, flushed and still a bit horny-looking, couples are taking to Instagram, uploading snap after snap.

Are people completely past any sense of privacy? Everything is becoming part of public knowledge. And it’s surely not cool to put every image possible online, from your honeymoon to your post-sex face. What’s next? Going-to-the-toilet selfies?


Originally posted on Marie Claire

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