Naked, vacuum-sealed couples: art or just freaky?

At first glance this ad campaign might remind you of erotic asphyxiation. But there’s much more to these images of naked, vacuum-sealed couples than just sex. It really is more about love than anything else.

Japanese sex shop Condomania has released its latest series of ads showing couples arranged in vacuum-sealed futon bags, which stayed closed for 10 seconds at a time. Closer than could be, they were snapped by famous Japanese photographer ‘Photographer Hal’, who explains his inspiration for this shoot as follows: ‘Human beings aren’t completed if they’re just by themselves. It’s when they come together, when they come really close, that they’re finally completed. That’s why I pack them together.’

Photographer Hal originally started shooting couples in this way for a photo series called ‘Flesh Love’.

What do you think of this series?

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