The thigh gap: today’s ultimate fetish?


Today, everyone seems to be talking about ‘The Magic Gap’ video on niche site, Nowness, shot by fashion photographer and director Guy Aroch. This is part of the website’s #DefineBeauty series – spotlighting the different aesthetic tropes surrounding body image. The video features models Gigi Hadid, Chanel Iman, Alyssa Miller and Elsa Hosk (well, their thighs in fact) in various settings in New York City. The audio of the video is a series of comments made by NYC passers-by on what they thought a ‘Magic Gap’ was, many not having the faintest of ideas.

The video shows a series of slow-motion close-ups of thigh gaps and crotches, revealing the ‘fetishisation’ of this relatively new standard of beauty. It’s disappointing that the video never steps back to ask why we have glorified the gap between women’s thighs – instead it sexualises and romanticises it; leaving those of us who don’t have one feeling pretty glum and left out.

If you scroll through Instagram under the hashtag #thinspo or #thighgap, you’ll see the magnitude of the adoration. This online ‘reality’ is a completely biased representation of women – skinny, fat and everything in-between. Thighs, in most cases, touch. For those genetically gifted women, who received the ‘gift of the gap’, that’s great. But if it has to be achieved through rigorous exercise and starving, then, maybe, not so much. But as points out: ‘There are plenty of thin women whose thighs touch and that’s okay.’

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